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Erfolgreich studieren - Vom Beginn bis zum Abschluss des Studiums


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Erfolgreich studieren.
Vom Beginn bis zum Abschluss des Studiums

Prof. Dr. Steffen Stock; Dr. Patricia Schneider; Dr. Elisabeth Peper; Dr. Eva Molitor (eds.)

This guide is aimed at students and prospective students of all disciplines. It enables readers intending to in study Germany, Austria and Switzerland to plan virtually any course at third level in a goal-oriented manner. Brimming with information on course structures, organiza-tional aspects and study techniques, Successful Studentship will guide you through the vari-ous challenges of higher education, from your initial orientation sessions right through to graduation. Moreover, it contains an impressive selection of empirical reports based on the experiences of students from various fields, including graduates of the new B.A. and M.A. degree programmes. Hence Successful Studentship doubles as a compendium of applied knowledge compiled by real graduates, and thus it will prove invaluable during your studies.

Content: starting your studies.- basic requirements.- financing your studies.- planning and organising.- essays, presentations and exams.- additional qualifications. crisis management.- life after the degree.- coping with Unforeseen events and circumstances.- straight from the horses' mouths: students comment on their experiences.- appendix.
2009. VIII, 270 pages. 21 graphs. Paperback.
ISBN 978-3-540-88824-6
| € 22.99 (D) | € 23.63 (A) | sFr 29.00

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